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The 2008 Blast Astrology Conference takes place in Sedona, AZ September 16th - 21st, 2008! It's a revolutionary format, full of the best new and old talent from all the major astrological traditions. Check our schedule and find out more about why the curriculum for this conference is like a dream come true!

Astrology in Magical Sedona, AZ

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The First Blast in 2007:
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The next Blast Astrology Conference will be September 16th - 21st, 2008 at the same wonderful location inSedona, AZ! We thought about having it somewhere else, but the demand to come back again was overwhelming.


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Rob Hand

Robert has been a student of astrology since 1960 and a full-time professional astrologer since 1972. His books include “Planets in Composite”, “Planets in Transit”, “Planets in Youth”, and “Horoscope Symbols and Essays on Astrology”. He is also involved currently in translating Medieval Latin texts of astrology into English in conjunction with his company ARHAT. In this connection he has also written a short text on astrological sect called Night and Day, and soon to be published Planetary Rulership and Dignity. He has a BA in history from Brandeis University and did graduate work in the History of Science at Princeton. He is working on his Ph.D. in medieval history at the Catholic University of America in D.C. He has served as national chairman of NCGR and is a patron of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. He has won the Regulus Award for Research and Development, and the Southern Cross Award from the Federation of Australian Astrologers.


Ray Merriman
Raymond A. Merriman is the President of The Merriman Market Analyst, Inc. He is a financial markets analyst, and editor of the MMA Cycles Report, a market advisory newsletter that specializes in stocks, interest rates, currencies, precious metals, and grains. He has served as President of ISAR, the International Society of Astrological Research from 1994-2000, and again from 2002-2006. He is a recipient of the Regulus Award for Enhancing the Image of Astrology as a Profession at the 1995 UAC conference. He is also the author of several books on Astrology, including The Solar Return Book of Predication and Evolutionary Astrology: The Journey of the Soul Through States of Consciousness, and Financial Astrology, including the series on The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Gloria Star
(860) 664-3590
Gloria Star is a nationally and internationally- recognized professional astrologer. The author of many astrology books and annuals and countless articles on the subject, she has also written feature columns in magazines, newspapers and for the internet. She currently writes a regular feature column for The Mountain Astrologer, “Astrology News.” Her unique creations also include the concepts and text for four computerized astrology programs that produce reports especially tailored to the needs of women and children.
Gloria regularly lectures and presents astrology workshops and seminars within the USA and abroad. She has also been a conference organizer for such endeavors as UAC (The United Astrology Conference) – one of the largest astrological conferences on the planet. Active in local, national and international astrology organizations for many years, she has served as an elected officer and board member for several such groups as well.

Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 2149
Sedona, AZ 86339
Phone: (928) 282-6595
Fax: (928) 282-6097

Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D. is a professional astrologer who holds a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology. For more than twenty years, Dennis has studied both Eastern and Western techniques of astrology. Dennis enjoys teaching students at Kepler College as well as tutoring students for the ACVA certification program. He also teaches workshops on Vedic Astrology and Transpersonal Psychology throughout the world. He was awarded the title of Jyotish Kovid and Jyotish Vachaspati by the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. Dr. Harness is the Academic Dean of Faculty and Community Outreach of Kepler College in Seattle, Washington and the President of the American College of Vedic Astrology. He is the author of The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology, which is published by Lotus Press.

Hank Friedman
7622 Leviston Avenue
El Cerrito, CA 94530
888-777-7366 (toll free)
or (510) 525-3399

Hank Friedman is renowned in the San Francisco Bay Area for his astrological, psychic, and transformative counseling work with individuals and couples. His in-depth astrology readings are a powerful blend of Western and Vedic astrologies. In Hank's channeling sessions, his Guides are gentle, loving, and profound; and the sessions have a profound impact on people's lives. Hank was also trained in both Fisher-Hoffman therapy (a process of parental deprogramming and recovery of self) and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. In transformational sessions with Hank, individuals -- and couples -- embark on a journey of awakening, healing, and opening to life. Hank also helps astrology software companies to improve their programs. The author of Astrology on Your Personal Computer, Hank is the foremost reviewer of astrology software both online and in periodicals. Hank has guided thousands of astrologers to the best software for their needs.

Robert Blaschke
PO Box 1623
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Robert P. Blaschke, founder of Earthwalk School of Astrology in February 1992, is an internationally respected full-time professional consulting, lecturing and teaching astrologer. He has lectured at regional and international astrology conferences in the USA, Canada, Australia and Serbia, and has been a guest speaker for over forty different U.S. and Canadian local astrological associations in twenty states and provinces. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Astrology: A Language of Life series: Volume I - Progressions, Volume II - Sabian Aspect Orbs, Volume III - A Handbook for the Self-Employed Astrologer and Volume IV - Relationship Analysis. Volume V - Holographic Transits is scheduled for publication in October 2006.

Moses Siregar III
PO Box 421
Prescott, AZ 86305

Moses Siregar III uses both Western and Vedic astrology in his astrological practice, providing an alchemical emphasis for the benefit of his international clientele, which he has been devotedly serving for over twelve years. He is among the first generation of astrologers to have gone through the full process to become ISAR CAP certified, and has passed ISAR courses in ethics and consulting skills. He is also a certified teacher of the ISAR Consulting Skills Training course. He started an astrological assocation on Maui, and was the first President of the Association for Young Astrologers (AYA). Moses is a certified Astro*Carto*Grapher. In addition to his own in-depth approach to locational astrocartography, and healing through flower essences, he offers individual tutoring and long-distance learning programs. He has been published in a variety of international journals. Moses travels teaching Astrology workshops, and was among the faculty for the prestigious ISAR 2003 and 2005 Conferences.

Jonathan Pearl
Jonathan Pearl is an astrologer to a growing list of international clients, author of weekly Star Pearls column since March 2003, and creator of Jonathan is an avid traditional astrologer who loves to witness and communicate the insights of the planets in an inspired and practical way. He frequently reads astrology texts of the last two millennia in his spare time, and talks astrology perhaps a bit too much to his friends. Jonathan has a B.A. in religion from Williams College, owned a market research company for 7 years and is a thirteen year resident of San Francisco, CA.

Maurice Fernandez
Maurice Fernandez, author of the book Neptune, the 12th House and Pisces, is one of the leading Evolutionary Astrologers and is currently based in Boulder, Colorado. His educational programs and reading practice have forged a reputation of depth and excellence. Maurice is a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga and occasionally combines yoga practice with astrology workshops for a holistic body, mind, and spirit experience.

Bill Streett
Bill Streett, M.A., holds advanced degrees in philosophy and religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies and counseling psychology from John F. Kennedy University. Since 1999, Bill has been professionally assisting clients through astrology, blending intuitive wisdom, deep respect for personal transformation, and talent in communicating the often intimidating world of astrology. In addition to maintaining his own website on astrology, Bill is currently a monthly columnist for and is co-editor of the recently published, The Astrology of Film: The Interface of Movies, Myth, and Archetype (available through

Maria Mateus

Maria is a practicing astrologer in Austin, Texas with a serious interest in astrological research, history and ancient techniques. She graduated with a B.A. in psychology from the University of Texas and is currently an M.A. candidate and teaching assistant at Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences. She has been published in The Mountain Astrologer, The Astrological Journal of Great Britain, HolaMujer, the Cinemastrology Web site, the Encyclopedia of Astrology, and her online newsletter, The Quarterly Cycle.

Nick Dagan Best
Nick is an astrologer and writer from Montreal, Canada. Having earned a Level III certification with the NCGR in 1999, he became a student of Hellenistic astrology under Robert Schmidt of Project Hindsight. Nick has written astrology articles for, and and has worked as a full-time astrologer for the U.K. based Astro Livelink company since October 2001.
Kelly Lee Phipps
Email Kelly
Kelly Lee Phipps is the author of "Celestial Renaissance: A Revolution of Astrology" and "The Tao of Astrology" With over twenty years experience in astrology, he is actively involved in advancing the field of astrology based in Asheville, NC, interpreting birth charts for folks across the globe. He is also the co-host of The Cosmic Weather astrology podcast (

Chris Brennan
Chris is a 21 year old astrologer originally from Aurora, Colorado. He is currently in his third year at Kepler College pursuing a Bachelors degree in astrological studies. The field of study which Chris is currently focusing on is the comparison of various astrological traditions, with an eye on eventually integrating them into one all-inclusive system.

Demetra George
Demetra George, M.A. Classics, received the 2002 Regulus Award for Theory and Understanding. A practitioner of astrology for over 30 years specializing in archetypal mythology, she has authored numerous books and articles, including Astrology For Yourself, Asteroid Goddesses, and Mysteries of the Dark Moon. She lectures internationally and leads pilgrimages to the sacred sites in the Mediterranean. On the original faculty of Kepler College, she is currently translating a corpus of hermetic medical astrological texts from ancient Greek, is an associate of Project Hindsight, teaches the history and practices of ancient astrology, and is taking people to Greece in June 2007 with Ancient Oracle Tours.

Philip Sedgwick
Philip has researched galactic effects and the latest solar system discoveries since 1975. He has written a series of books on these topics, most recently producing the comprehensive Galactic Trilogy CD, which contains a book on astronomy for astrologers, another on heliocentric astrology, yet another on Kuiper Belt and Galactic interpretation as well as ephemerides for galactic points, Eris, Sedna and yet unnamed Dwarf Planets. He has written a variety of horoscope columns including those for, America West Airlines Magazine, Media and Constellation Magazine (online). Now he pens a mainstream market book on the reorganization (maybe) of the solar system, Pluto, Eris and more. With a crisp wit and extensive astronomy background, he works astrologers current with astronomers.

Chris McRae
780 - 469-2974
Chris McRae is a consultant, teacher, author and internationally acclaimed lecturerer. Her books include The Geodetic World Map, Understanding Interceptions; and she contributed to How to Start, Maintain and Expand an Astrological Practice; as well as Astrology of the Macrocosm. She is currently ISAR Board Vice-President and Chair of the ISAR Certification Program and has also served on the AFAN Steering Committee and UAC 2002 Board of Directors.

James Coleman
James Coleman has been a professional astrologer for 20 years and in demand on the lecture circuit for 10. James was a founding member of ISAR's (International Society for Astrological Research) Professional Astrologer’s Speaker Bureau. He has been published several times in "The Mountain Astrologer" and other astrology publications. James became a certified spiritual counselor and an ordained metaphysical minister in 1978.

Paul Reeder
(520) 903-2913
Paul Reeder has been providing spiritual astrology services in Tucson Arizona for more than 20 years. Combining the models of astrology, yoga, and depth psychology, Paul has developed his skills to serve those who wish to become more fully conscious, more fully alive. His work is empowering and uplifting even in our most challenging situations.

Paul has been studying religious method since 1967, yoga since 1984, and was initiated into Babaji's Kriya Yoga in 1989. He is on the faculty of the Providence Institute Yoga Teacher Training program, and is an inspiring teacher of spiritual psychology and mysticism. Classes in beginning astrology and horoscope synthesis are held weekly for those who wish to learn to read astrology charts.

Sam Geppi
Sadasiva has over 20 years of Vedic Study and experience. He is a certified Vedic Astro-loger and teacher through the American Council of Vedic Astrology (level 2). He is the author of "The Ascendant - 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology" as well as a contributing author to various publications. He is also a certified Hatha Yoga instructor. Integrating the principles of classical Yoga with those of classical Jyotish is his greatest inspiration. Sadasiva maintains a growing list of clients and students from his home in San Francisco, California.

Eric Meyers, MA
Eric Meyers is an astrology counselor, teacher and author living outside Boulder, CO. His background is in psychology, and he holds a Master's Degree from Naropa University in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. Eric has studied with Steven Forrest and has received a certificate from his Apprenticeship Program. Eric's approach is to explore a natal chart as a meaningful representation of where a person is in their soul development. Eric has written 2 original books: The critically acclaimed, The Arrow's Ascent: Astrology & The Quest for Meaning, and the forthcoming, Between Past & Presence: An Evolutionary View of the Moon & Sun, to be published in Fall 2006. Eric's speaking engagements include the Northwest Astrology Conference (NORWAC) in 2005 as well as metaphysical fairs and bookstores. He is a board member of Rocky Mountain Astrologers (ROMA).

Sherene Schostak
Sherene Schostak, M.A. is a Jungian psychotherapist, author and metaphysician who specializes in helping creative artists transform their addictions and creative blocks. She has been in private practice in New York City for the past twelve years consulting, writing and teaching. She is the co-author of "Surviving Saturn's Return: Overcoming the most tumultuous time of your life as well as “Fate of Your Date” from Chronicle. She is the creator and editor of the first online flip-style Astrology magazine, Last year she released the Zodiac Dance DVD based on her monthly workshops combining the archetypal aspects of Astrology with Authentic Movement. She holds a Master's Degree from New York University in Clinical Psychology, and a Master's Degree in Psychoanalytic Studies from the New School in NYC. She just wrapped up filming a weekly show for NBC’s ivillage-- “Star Signs with the Saturn Sisters.” She’s currently the resident astrologer at Elle UK and

Adam Gainsburg
Adam Gainsburg is the founder of Soulsign Astrology, a trans-astrological approach to the mysteries of the sky. His sessions, classes and books empower the direct cellular realization
of Soul. In addition to astrological work, he utilizes sound work, breath practice and a unique process of directly transmitting Soul intelligence in his lectures and workshops.

Rebecca Crane, MA
Rebecca combines astrology with transpersonal and relational psychology to provide others with comprehensive healing maps specific to their life journeys. She has practiced professional astrology for over ten years and uses it daily as a guide in her own personal healing work. Committed to helping astrology grow as a respected healing art and self-awareness tool, Rebecca lectures and conducts workshops focused on facilitating the waking-up process for clients through therapeutic exploration of the natal astrological chart. Her experience with clients has been enhanced through her work as an addiction treatment counselor, where she learned to integrate holistic healing with effective clinical skills. Rebecca is a co-founder of the Association for Young Astrologers and is also involved with the Shakra Center Holistic Healing Collective and the Gaia Spiritual Center in Bahia, Brazil while teaching and counseling private clients.

Michelle Gould
Michelle Gould is a consulting astrologer living in Gainesville, Florida, where she teaches at the Avalon School of Astrology and writes a monthly astrology column for the local arts and entertainment magazine, Satellite. Her obsessions include the moon’s nodes and discovering new ways to integrate the best of modern and ancient techniques in her client work. When she isn’t immersed in things astrological, she can be found reading British mysteries, writing poetry, and singing at local haunts.

Email Benjamin
Holistic astrologer Benjamin Bernstein owns and operates It’s All Good Astrology in Asheville, NC. He started earning a full-time living from astrology just six months into his professional practice – an accomplishment he primarily attributes to the use of advanced guerilla marketing techniques and having an outstanding mentor and teacher (Kelly Lee Phipps). Benjamin graduated from Divine Inspiration Astrology's Professional Certification Program, which Kelly administers. Benjamin is also an astrological Teacher and lecturer, and co-hosts the weekly “Cosmic Weather” astrology podcast ( with Kelly. Benjamin writes a monthly astrology column for Rapid River Arts Magazine and The Indie, is an ISAR member, and successfully completed ISAR’s courses in Ethics and Counseling Skills. He has been a practitioner of meditation and other metaphysical pursuits Since 1978, and was born 2/14/1960 at 5:15 PM in Norman, OK.

Eric Francis
Eric Francis Coppolino is an astrologer and photojournalist based in Brussels, Belgium. He is founder and editor of Planet Waves, a Seattle-based Internet magazine. His Sun-sign horoscopes have appeared throughout the English speaking world including in London's Daily Mirror and Daily Mail. Eric is also a sexuality writer and investigative reporter specializing in organochlorine compounds, particularly scientific fraud involving dioxins and PCBs.

Chad Harris
Chad Harris had his initial astrological insight on October 29th, 1995 under double Mercury/Uranus transits. For the past four years he has been studying in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness studies program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. His interests include the healing potentials of non-ordinary states of consciousness, music, dancing, snowboarding, politics, and deep philosophical discussions on the meaning of life.

Kenneth D. Miller
(619) 275-3057

You've made it down this far in the Speaker Bios. That is impressive. Saturn may already be your best friend! A professional Indian Astrologer in San Diego, I have studied astrology in general for 30 years, and Indian Astrology (Jyotish) in particular for over 10 years. A graduate of the American College of Vedic Astrology program and Level II approved tutor, my travels around the world have allowed me to study with Jyotishis in the USA, Europe, and India. My ongoing study of Indian, Hellenistic, Medieval and Renaissance traditions, in addition to being an M.A. candidate at Kepler College, provides me with a unique perspective on astrology.
Astrogy in Sedona, Arizona (AZ)