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Welcome to the Future of Astrology!

The 2008 Blast Astrology Conference takes place in Sedona, AZ September 16th - 21st, 2008! It's a revolutionary format, full of the best new and old talent from all the major astrological traditions. Check our schedule and find out more about why the curriculum for this conference is like a dream come true!

Astrology in Magical Sedona, AZ

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Audio and Video Content of the 2007 Conference is now available!

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The First Blast in 2007:
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The next Blast Astrology Conference will be September 16th - 21st, 2008 at the same wonderful location inSedona, AZ! We thought about having it somewhere else, but the demand to come back again was overwhelming.


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Hotel, Travel, and More
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in 2008


We have negotiated discounted rates with two hotels that are very, very close to the Sedona Creative Life Center (SCLC), the event site for The Blast, and right next to what is probably the best shopping area in Sedona (Tlaquepaque area) with numerous restaurants, new age stores, and gift shops. These hotels are a 2-3 minute drive from the SCLC event site. Since this will be peak season, these rates are discounted compared with what you could otherwise get in September.

The hotels we highly recommend (at discounted rates) are the King's Ransom Sedona Hotel, for $99/night before taxes and fees, or the Sedona Motel, which has rooms at either $79.95, $89.95, or $110/night before taxes and fees. Most people will be staying at the King's Ransom, but there are a small number of rooms available at the Sedona Motel as well. Both are very nice locations, though neither is an exceptionally high luxury location.

You can hold your reservation right away by calling the hotel and simply giving a credit card number; your card will not be charged. To get the best room, we recommend making your reservation as soon as possible; the King's Ransom rates will also expire on August 15th. When you make your reservation, be sure to tell them that you are with "The Blast Astrology Conference," and make sure you are getting the rate quoted above. If there is any problem with getting your room or getting the above rate, please contact us right away.


The Sedona Creative Life Center (SCLC) is not a hotel, so everyone will be staying offsite and driving 2-3 minutes from the above hotels to the event site (unless they choose to stay at a different hotel). We strongly encourage carpooling, and there should be ample opportunity to share rides from the above hotels to the SCLC. Walking to and from the SCLC is not possible because it is along a busy road with no sidewalk, and therefore dangerous. See notes on carpooling below.


You can go here to post requests for roommates and carpools, or you can contact us directly and let us know if you are offering to share a room or ride, or looking for a roommate or carpool. Our contact info is to the left. Also, see the note titled "SHUTTLE" below.


You can rent a room for yourself or try to find a roommate (see above).

Most of us will be staying at the King's Ransom (although there is another option, see below), which is about a 2-3 minute drive to the event site. Before taxes, it's $99/night (this rate expires on August 15th), and if they do not give you this rate call us at 1-866-673-5693 and let us know, because they are supposed to give you that rate. Tell them you're with the Blast for the special rate: The rooms here are very nice, as the hotel has just recently been remodeled, although they are a bit small. You can see from the website how the rooms have patios and outdoor views, and are built around a large swimming pool and hot tub area. Their phone number is 800-846-6164. The outdoor area is nice, and the temperature should be appropriate for swimming during the day. They are updating their wifi internet access, and should have it available in all rooms by September. There is an exercise room here. Amenities include: showers, small refrigerators, irons, and hair driers, HBO/Cable, and are all non-smoking.

Another option that is also a 2-3 minute drive from the event site (and a little closer to a major shopping area) is the Sedona Motel. The rooms here are either $79.95, $89.95, or $110 before taxes--depending on the type of room. Make sure you tell them that you are with the Blast and that you get that rate. This hotel is close to a major intersection, but the rooms are a bit bigger and the rooms also come with the same amenities as the King's Ransom, but also have a safe in each room. Wireless access is not likely to be available here, although dialup is possible. The number of rooms available here are much more limited, so if you plan to stay here, we suggest making your reservation as soon as possible. Their number is 1 877-828-7187. Their website is

You are of course welcome to make your own arrangements to stay somewhere else in Sedona, but we highly recommend either of these two hotels since they are very close, nice, and very affordable for the season. In case you are wondering, there is, by law, no camping allowed in the town of Sedona. If you want to see about making resevations elsewhere, Sedona Central Reservations can help you find a hotel that suites your desires and budget: 800-445-4128 or 928-282-1518


Most people, by far, will want to fly in and out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), which is about a two-hour drive from Sedona. However, Horizon Air also now flies directly between Flagstaff and Los Angeles, so you might want to look into flights going to Flagstaff as well (especially on the West coast), since Flagstaff is about an hour from Sedona with a very nice, scenic drive through Oak Creek Canyon. There is also a shuttle service going between Flagstaff and Sedona (see below).

If you are renting a car, you might want to see if someone else is looking for a ride to or from Sedona (see "ROOMATES AND CARPOOLING" above). If you are looking for a ride to Sedona, also check the forum to see if anyone is offering that. Another option is to take a shuttle. (see below).


If you would rather not rent a car, you can just take a shuttle to and from the Phoenix airport. The round-trip price with Sedona-Phoenix Shuttle is $80 ($10 off, which is a special Blast Conference rate), or the one-way price is $50. They can take you to our main conference-sponsored hotels. When you call them at 928-282-2066, be sure to tell them you are with The Blast to see about the discounted rate. Their website is:

A more expensive shuttle company option, just in case the above isn't available at the time you need to go: Ace-Xpress Shuttle: They can pick you up at different spots. Cost: $68 one way and $109 roundtrip. Call 1-800-336-2239 for reservations.

You might also just want to take the shuttle one-way from Phoenix to Sedona and then check with us once you are at The Blast to see if you can find a ride back to Sedona, since many people will have rental cars.

If you fly into Flagstaff, there is also a Shuttle service going down to Sedona for $30 one-way. It seems like a more Mom andPop type operation, so be sure to call them in advance to schedule and confirm a reservation.

Once you are in Sedona, you will not be able to get around on foot, so if you take a Shuttle, you will want to find others to carpool with to get around Sedona for food, as well as to get to and from The Blast at the Sedona Creative Life Center. See the section about "ROOMATES AND CARPOOLING" above.


The conference starts early in the morning on Tuesday, September 16th and goes until about 6:30 pm on Sunday, September 21st. Because we start early in the morning, you definitely want to arrive in Sedona by at least the night before your first day here, as it takes an additional two hours to drive to Sedona from the Phoenix airport. Keep in mind that it takes about two hours to get to Sedona from the Phoenix Airport, so try to leave Sedona at least four hours before your flight home.


The average daytime temperatures at this time of year give a high of 88 degrees Fahrenheit and a nightly low of 58 degrees. The humidity is, of course, typically low. Be prepared for the possibility of hot weather or cool nights, and be sure to drink plenty of water!

Astrogy in Sedona, Arizona (AZ)