The Blast Astrology Conference: Hand, Merriman, Star, Harness, Friedman, Siregar, Fernandez, Pearl,  Streett

Welcome to the Future of Astrology!

The 2008 Blast Astrology Conference takes place in Sedona, AZ September 16th - 21st, 2008! It's a revolutionary format, full of the best new and old talent from all the major astrological traditions. Check our schedule and find out more about why the curriculum for this conference is like a dream come true!

Astrology in Magical Sedona, AZ

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Conference Cost and Payment

Sedona Creative Life Center

Travel and Hotel Info

The 2008 Blast Speaker Bios

The 2008 Blast Schedule

Audio and Video Content of the 2007 Conference is now available!

The First Blast in 2007:
Speaker Pics & Bios

The First Blast in 2007:
Conference Schedule

The next Blast Astrology Conference will be September 16th - 21st, 2008 at the same wonderful location inSedona, AZ! We thought about having it somewhere else, but the demand to come back again was overwhelming.


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Moses Siregar III

The Blast would like to thank the following organizations for their generous support. These are our official "Sponsoring Organizations"


as well as ...

The Mountain Astrologer

See the Schedule for the Blast Astrology Conference 2008!
New: Purchase Video (or mp3 Audio) of the entire 2008 Conference (all six days, 35+ hours) this month only for just $97 ($100 off)! Or get both the 2007 and 2008 conferences together for $197 ($200 off)!

And if You Missed the first Blast Conference in 2007 (the previous event), You Can Still Experience the Entire Conference from Home!

To immediately download video and audio of the event, visit the Schedule of the 2007 Blast and the Frequently Asked Questions about the Audio and Video.

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The Blast would like to thank everyone who came, all of our volunteers, and our entire faculty for your integral contributions to this seminal event!

Speakers who presented at the Blast in September of 2008 include:


Robert Blaschke
Chris Brennan

Joseph Crane
Benjamin Dykes
Meira Epstein
Penny Farrow
Maurice Fernandez
Steven Forrest
Adam Gainsburg
Demetra George
Sam Geppi
Michelle Gould

Dorian Greenbaum
Rob Hand
Dennis Harness
Deborah Houlding

Rick Levine
Maria Mateus

Ray Merriman
Laura Michetti
Kenneth D. Miller

Eric Meyers
Jessica Murray
Joni Patry
Jonathan Pearl
Kelly Lee Phipps
Samuel F Reynolds
Philip Sedgwick
Moses Siregar III
Richard Tarnas
Steve Weiss
Scott Wolfram

What are People Saying about The Blast?

The following are direct quotes that were written down and given to us by the people who physically attended the 2007 conference. Each quote is real and unaltered, except for a few minor editing changes. Each individual quote is from a different person.

“This is the most productive conference I have ever attended.”

“The best conference I’ve been to in a decade or more—and I go to everything!”

“This was the best astrology conference that I have ever attended.”

“The best astrology conference I’ve ever attended!”

“The Blast exceeded expectations--a real success.”

“The Blast is the future of astrology. Best of the Past, Present & Future.”

“These have been some of the best days of my life. Thank you!”

“The 21st Century of Astrology has now arrived.”

“The Blast was an incredibly mind opening and expanding experience for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

“The Blast was an amazing experience—a synthesis of young new energy and the wisdom of elders. Well done.”

“This conference was a truly a great experience—a one of a kind.”

“This was my first astrology conference and I enjoyed the experience in its entirety. Thank you!”

“Phenomenal Presentation of the Future of Astrology.”

“Excellent mixture of western, Vedic, and new thought. Veterans and new astrologers, but all great minds sharing. It provided a lot of new information to take back with me and enhance my practice.”

“This was a fabulous five days for learning, networking, and connecting with new friends. Thank you so much! Well organized, too!”

“The content: --this conference was fantastic! Thanks for all the new ideas.”

“I experienced such a feeling of integrity, love, community and sharing with both the presenters as well as all who attended. I have a greater commitment to the use of astrology personally as well as professionally and more trusting of my competence."

"I felt a great sense of community and learned something from every speaker I attended at The Blast."

"Welcome to the future of astrology."

“I’d travel all the way from Wisconsin!"

"The body, mind, spirit of astrology"

“I had a blast at The Blast. I watched computers and telecommunications converge, and now I am watching ancient, traditional and modern, Eastern and Western Astrology converge into a brilliantly illuminated future.”

“I thought there was a nice flow to the lectures. I learned I have a lot to learn.”

“The Blast: Well organized with a broad spectrum of speakers. A real learning experience.”

“Very well put together and organized."

"... I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

“The speakers were all very knowledgeable and very friendly.”

“Moses and company put on a terrific conference! Creativity, intelligence and passion for astrology abound.”

“You Guys Rock! Looking forward to more!”

“An amazing mix of speakers from all kinds of schools of astrological thought that’s engaging and entertaining to everyone, no matter what perspective they come from."

"This is my first astrology conference & I loved it--especially the people here. My spirit is exalted and my business cards are all gone!"

“Wonderful conference! A great variety of speakers and subjects.”

“Every astrologer or serious student of astrology will have “a Blast” connecting to, and learning with their astrological communities. It is a joy to experience a community of like-minded souls who understand our language.”

“This is a loving presentation of astrology of The 21st Century.”

“Enlightening, Entertaining, Informational ~ I’ll attend all future Blast conferences.”

“This was a wonderful, inspirational, intellectually awakening experience.”

“Group energy was amazing. Filled with knowledge. The new-new, the old new.”

“Great current and new astro speakers.”

“It was so nice not to hear politics and bashing of government. You took the higher road!”

“Wow!!! Faboo Splendiferous-Spiffalicious!”

“Professional attention to detail (good). Very comfortable uplifting center/location (spiritual). Sacred.”

“Great variety of different systems and perspectives”

“Wonderfully inspiring”


“Great to be with like-minded people in a beautiful small town learning new concepts.”

“Very well organized”

“A great learning experience in a wonderful, positive setting.”

And the following are some statements that have been given via email or in internet forums.

"You did it! You managed to bring people from a wide variety of astrological backgrounds together under one roof and make it work! What an achievement!" (from email)

"Thank you again for such a fantastic conference!! I can't tell you how much it changed my life. The depth, the connections, the new insights... I am now looking at myself and astrology and the universe in so many different ways!" (from email)

“I have to thank you again for hosting the best astrology conference I've ever attended. It was wonderful from start to finish. You did such a great job on all levels. “ (from email)

"Thank you again for a truly great conference. It was far and away the best astrology conference I've ever attended." (from email)

“Again congratulations on a first class conference!” (from email)

"You did a great job with the Blast. I can say without hesitation that it was one of the best conferences that I have ever attended ... Well done." (from email)

"That was such a magical conference! I will never forget it! Thank you for bringing such amazing people together!" (from email)

"Have I told you that you do good conference? I'm still floaty. What a wonderful mix of people, astrological approaches, and content. And what a setting!" (from email)

“It was a great experience. Moses and his staff deserve no end of kudos! I am totally down for the next Blast! where ever it happens … Its worth the money you will spend no doubt. If I could do it over again I would get there earlier and stay there longer.” (from myspace forum)

“I wanted to email and congratulate you on the fantastic experience that was the Blast! Eveything was magical from the breathtaking location to the awesome array of faculty you lined up. Usually I'm bored at most Conferences these days listening to the same old same old...but this was truly a stimulating and inspired group. Now that's what astrology should still feel like. Keep doing this because you have a gift for finding and inspiring new talent.” (from email)


"There's a "new conference in town." And it's "A Blast." For all the lamenting we have gone through over the lack of new, young astrologers in the community, fear no more. The youth are interested in astrology, and they are every bit as cool, dynamic, intelligent, and attractive as the movement that took place in the mid- 1970's. Like those of us who came on the scene in droves about 30 years ago and initiated a revolution of sorts in the profession of astrology by our sheer collective will and chutzpah, this new generation can do the same. They have the numbers, new ideas, and a strong sense of community consisting of their own generation. The only thing different (well, the major thing that is different), is that they won't have to fight the "establishment" as much to get recognized - to be allowed the opportunity to contribute to this noble study of astrology - as we did. The doors are open to them, and even if they weren't, they can create their own community of they wish because.. they have the talent and they have the leadership.

"The Blast" was a 4-day affair that took place in the Magnificent setting of Sedona, Arizona. The locale was stunning, with red rock mountains rising vertically out of the ground and reflecting amazing colors at sunset. If you skipped out on all the classes, you still could have a "blast" amongst all the mystical vortexes of this sacred land.

But who would miss the great classes? The presentations took place in the well-designed Creative Life Studies center, in an auditorium that was every bit as impressive as any conference center I have taught in. The faculty was mixture of young elders like Rob Hand, Robert Blaschke, Chris McRae, Demetra George, Gloria Star, Philip Sedgwick, James Coleman, Dennis Harness, Hand Friedman and others, along with bright rising astro stars Nick Degan Best, Maria Mateus, Michelle Gould, Maurice Fernandez, Adam Gainsburg, Jonathon Pearl, Chris Brennen, Bill Street, Kelley Lee Phipps, Eric Myers and Eric Francis, to name just a few that I saw. Most of the material that the "new stars" presented was new to me. And it was fascinating. Man, the one downer is that I have to learn a whole new version of their approach to astrology in order to understand the future of astrology! Lots, Bends, Oracles, Dashas, all kinds of new time periods and eras governed by new calculations. I will have to find the time to learn the language of the new astrologers, but I am certain the study will be worth it. These guys aren't dumb, and they are not just trying to create something out of nothing. There is something there, but what it is for me will take time to learn. Maybe that's not such a downer after all, since I like to learn - still!

But perhaps the most remarkable feature of this conference to me was watching the coordinator, Moses Siregar, do the coordinating. Here we have a master conference organizer, a young man who has such a broadness of vision of what needs to be attended to in order to pull off a great community experience, that it is thoroughly refreshing Maybe it is because I know a little bit about this stuff from my own experiences. Coordinating a conference is not so much an expression of brilliance as it a matter of having an ability to keep track of many details, and make sure they connect well with your vision of makes an experience unique and special. Moses is the first "young astrologer" that I have met who can do this. Which simply means: the future is bright for future conferences to be led by the next generation of young astrologers. But it doesn't mean that we of the more "mature" generation can retire. Not yet! Thank, goodness this next generation actually has a respect for us equal to our respect for them - something that didn't seem to quite exist 30 years ago. So although so many things seem like deja vu, the conditions are certainly different this time around. It seems like we can work together very well, and " trusting anyone over 30" is no longer a problem."

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